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I am not the mouthpiece of NPP, NDC or CPP. I am God’s mouthpiece — Bishop Charles Agyinasare

The Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, has said he is not the mouthpiece of any political party—not the NDC, NPP or CPP—but the mouthpiece of God.

Ministering at the Anointing Service held on Sunday, 5th July, 2020 at the Perez Dome, the revered man of God said he has tried faithfully in his capacity as a Reverend minister to discharge his pastoral duties. According to him, his heart desire is for God to make his words speak to the conscience of his hearers.

In a season where men of God have come under serious scrutiny by political figures and some Ghanaians, the Presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel International placed his integrity on the line as he defended his position as an Ambassador of Christ. “I am not the mouthpiece of NPP, I am not the mouthpiece of NDC, I am not the mouthpiece for CPP. The only party I am a mouthpiece for is the Jesus party,” he stressed.

However, he admitted that there are men of God who have compromised their position and office for hasty and ill-gotten wealth. Backing his sermon and position with Scripture, he quoted the book of Micah 3:11, which says, “You rulers make decisions based on bribes; you priests teach God’s laws only for a price; you prophets won’t prophesy unless you are paid. Yet all of you claim to depend on the LORD. ‘No harm can come to us,’ you say, ‘for the LORD is here among us.’”

He admonished all and sundry to be diligent, faithful, and also to live by righteous gains, for a man’s life is not determined by his possessions.


Asare Solomon

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