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No Two Ministry Callings Are The Same – Rev. Dr. Martin A. Obeng Tells Presbyterian Ministers…

Story by: Kwadwo Gyimah Antwi, KNUST, Kumasi

In a stimulating address at the National Ministers’ Conference held from January 2–5, 2024, at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Rev. Dr. Martin Adu Obeng, the keynote speaker, reminded Presbyterian Ministers that, “No two callings are the same.” The conference, attended by approximately 1,200 Presbyterian Church of Ghana Ministers from around the world, focused on the theme “Fulfilling the Ministry to the End as a Presbyterian Minister.” (1 Timothy 6:12)

Rev. Dr. Adu Obeng underscored the importance of avoiding unhealthy comparisons among Ministers, emphasizing that each Minister’s calling is unique and should not be measured against others. He cautioned against negative virtues that may distract Ministers from fulfilling their divine ministries, urging them to view their calling as summons and completely surrender to God and the specific ministry entrusted to them.

Referencing the life of Moses, Rev. Dr. Adu Obeng highlighted how God can use even the weaknesses of ministers to bring glory to Himself. Drawing inspiration from Moses’ reluctance due to his speech impediment, the speaker encouraged ministers to seek divine guidance when facing challenges in their ministries.

Addressing the conference, Rev. Dr. Adu Obeng urged ministers to bring their expertise and training to bear in their ministries. Drawing a parallel to how God used Moses’ staff to perform miracles and accomplish the exodus mission, he emphasized that ministers should utilize their unique gifts, qualifications, and background training for effective ministry within the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

In his concluding remarks, Rev. Dr. Adu Obeng stressed the need for ministers to yearn for the presence of God at all times. He asserted that the presence of God will guide ministers and cautioned against leaving His presence in the pursuit of their selfish ambitions. Furthermore, he encouraged ministers to be team leaders, empowering those around them for the continuity of the work. Acknowledging the practical limitations at specific stations, he advised ministers to be strategic in their approach and not to think all the work could be completed.

The National Ministers’ Conference served as a retreat platform for Presbyterian Ministers to reflect on their callings, share insights, and strengthen their commitment to the Presbyterian Church of Ghana’s mission. 


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